Revised Child Support Guidelines to Take Effect in Maryland October 1, 2010

During its 2010 session, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation that revised the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.  In most cases the revised guidelines will result in an increase of between $50 to $75 per month per child, as estimated by the Maryland Department of Human Resources.  Child support in Maryland is determined by a calculation that is based on the combined income of both parents of the child or children, as well as the type of custody (sole or shared).  The fact that the Guidelines have been revised will not be considered a material change in circumstances, meaning that the revised Guidelines will not be reason enough, without other factors, to request a modification of the amount of child support.  For new cases filed after October 1, 2010 or modifications of existing orders after that date, the new Guidelines will be used to calculate child support.  If you have questions about any child support matters, you should schedule an appointment with the firm’s attorneys to discuss how the revised guidelines may affect you.

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