GWEB Urges Drivers and Passengers to Buckle Up

    When our attorneys interview an injured party in a traffic accident case, we always ask whether they had their seat belt on.  While a non-seat belted person can still recover for his or her injuries caused by another driver, we tend to see much worse injuries for drivers and passengers who were not wearing their seat belts.  Our attorneys also believe that judges and juries make smaller awards to non-seat belted plaintiffs based on a belief that the victim contributed to the severity of the injuries by not buckling up. 

    Our firm is now handling a case where two people sitting in the back seat of a car that was broadsided had very different injuries.  One passenger who was sitting next to the door that was hit had some serious soft tissue injuries, but no broken bones.  The person sitting next to him was thrown around the inside of the vehicle and suffered two broken bones.  Can you guess which one was wearing a seat belt? Far beyond the legal ramifications for your own safety and for the benefit of your family and friends please buckle up….it is not only the law, it’s just plain smart.

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