We live in an electronic age.  Cyberbullying is becoming more common as people have found that they  can use the internet and social media to harass or bully. On a regular basis we read about suicides and  violent retaliations that start with an email or social media posting.    Cyberbullying has now been  recognized by the Maryland Legislature as a serious matter and is subject to recently enacted laws.    Maryland  Courts are dealing with these matters as both criminal acts and civil litigation matters.  The  crime of “Harassment” has been expanded under the Criminal Law Article, Section 3-805 to include  “Misuse of Electronic Mail”.  If you receive emails or are the subject of social media (including FaceBook and Twitter) postings which contain lewd, lascivious or obscene materials sent or posted with the intent to harass you, you should be aware that the sender may be guilty of a criminal offense and is subject to one year in jail and/or a $500 fine, in addition to civil damages.   GWEBLAW is presently assisting targets of this type of action and is available to discuss these matters with you if you find yourself a victim of any type of harassment.

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