After Prom and Old School!

No one can say that our staff member Julie Lucas doesn’t “give back” to the community.  Julie spent an entire night helping to run the Seneca Valley High School annual after prom celebration.  Each year the PTSA of Seneca Valley hosts a carnival with small games, activities and raffles in the school gym in conjunction with the local Jaycees who provide the food for the night.  As Julie puts it, pulling an “all-nighter” for the kids is worth it when the offering is a healthy and safe alternative for students who want to continue the party after prom ends.  Despite the fact that she is still trying to catch up on that missed sleep, Julie is now working on Robert Clemente Middle School’s “Old School” Production which is being showcased on Channel 5’s Fox Morning News on Tuesday, May 17th.  Clemente is holding this year’s show on May 20th and May 21st at Seneca Valley High School.  Check it out!

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