Ramps – Another Use for GWEBLAW Bags

Ramps, which are also called wild leeks, are native to North America. They are a type of onion; the bulb looks like a scallion but the plant also has big flat leaves.  This plant grows from Canada to South Carolina and they are a spring delicacy in some places. So what exactly does it taste like? You can compare the flavor to a cross between garlic and onion. The plant can be difficult to get and they only have a two or three week window of availability.

Swoon Kitchenbar, owned and operated by Jeff and Nina Gimmel, (partner Jerry Gimmel’s son and daughter-in-law) are proud sponsors and participants of this annual event and will be one of several local restaurants showcasing original dishes using this unique vegetable.

And what better a way to gather them?  Using GWEBL bags of course!

 Interested in learning more about Rampfest Hudson 2013 http://www.rampfesthudson.com
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