New Maryland Cell Phone Law

Put down that cell phone if you are in your car.

On October 1, 2013 a new Maryland law for the use of cellphones while you are behind the wheel of a car goes into effect.  Since 2010 drivers have been prohibited from using wireless phones while driving.  The “catch”, until now, has been that an officer could not pull you over solely because you were using a cellphone. You could only receive a citation as a secondary offense.

In other words, previously, if an officer observed you running a stop sign and that you were on the phone at the time, then your primary offense, i.e. failing to stop at the sign, would allow you to be cited for the secondary offense of using the cell phone.

Starting October 1, however, using a cell phone while driving becomes a primary offense and you will be cited for such misuse, even without violating any other statutes.

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