Portable Breathalyzer Featured on TV Show “Shark Tank”

Those of you who are fans of the ABC show “Shark Tank” know that the program features five billionaire investors, including Mark Cuban, who are “pitched” inventions and products in the hope that one, or more, of the Sharks will invest.

Last week’s episode included an innovation that may revolutionize the area of DUI defense.  An inventor has developed a sensor that will attach to a smart phone. Blowing into the device will indicate your blood alcohol level (“BAC”) or what you would register if the police hooked you up to a Breathalyzer at the time of an arrest for drunk driving. Portable breathalyzers have been on the market but none so small and so sensitive.  After dinner and drinks you can discretely check your blood alcohol level and then determine if you need to call a cab rather than drive home.  This will not only avoid the possibility of a DUI/DWI arrest, but simply is the right thing for you to do for yourself and everyone else on the road.  Finally, regardless of what the Breathalyzer reading would be, if you feel impaired, don’t get in the driver’s seat.

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