Estate Planning Webinar

Attorney Leah Morabito recently participated in presenting a Webinar with Kevin Gallagher, Managing Partner of the Premier Client Division of the Hendershot Financial Group.  The focus of the Webinar was Estate Planning with an emphasis on the “Big Three” documents: Wills, General Financial Powers of Attorney and Health Care Advance Directives.  Also discussed were the differences between a Will and a Trust and which one a client should consider.  This is the fourth presentation given by Leah and Kevin, but the first Webinar given by either. The general consensus was that it was a great way to learn from Leah and Kevin’s expertise and that there was the added bonus that you could listen in from the comfort of your home, perhaps even in your pajamas!  Kevin is giving a series of these webinars to his current and prospective clients on a variety of topics. Please check out Kevin and the Hendershot Group at and contact them with any questions about this or any of their other upcoming webinars.

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