Tales from the District Court

As part of the Law Firm’s continuing series of stories of unusual occurrences in the Courtroom, Steve Blomberg reports observing a trial several years ago before retired Judge C. J. Vaughy in the Montgomery County District Court.  The lawsuit was based on injuries to a woman who was holding her cat in a public area when an unleashed dog raced at her, and jumped on her, knocking her to the ground and causing her to tear her meniscus.

When the dog owner’s attorney asked the injured woman, “Why did the dog run at you?” the experienced Plaintiff’s attorney leapt to his feet and stated, “Objection, the question goes to the state of the mind of the dog.”  No objection stated in any courtroom in the United States has ever been more accurate and appropriate.  While the entire courtroom laughed, Judge Vaughy, known for his sense of humor, topped the objection by stating, “Objection sustained, woof woof, I want to make sure that the dog understands my ruling.”  Although moments of levity are rare in court cases, this one will live on in the annals of Montgomery County jurisprudence for a long time.

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