Washington Wizards Mid-Season Report

For any fans of the Wizards out there, you know that the last several years have been very trying, and that the team has been perpetually disappointing.  However, there are signs of hope in the future based on the unique combination of non-knucklehead veterans and young talented players such as Bradley Beal and John Wall.  The Wizards have spent most of this season hovering around the .500 point, but have been repeatedly unsuccessful at getting over .500 despite numerous opportunities.

Perhaps the most frustrating one was last week when the Wizards were at home against a depleted Boston Celtics team and suffered an overtime loss.  Steve Blomberg of the firm has been a 15-year season ticketholder for the Washington Wizards, and he and his wife recently enjoyed a trip to Chicago to see the Wizards play the Bulls, having won a Fun Charity Auction benefiting the DC Food Bank.  Steve and his wife were fortunate to meet a number of the Wizards players, and to get the opportunity to spend extended time with Assistant Coach Ed Tapscott, a former law school classmate of Steve’s.

The Mid-Season report card gives the Wizards a B even though their .500 performance clearly mandates a C.  Why a B you ask?  Any season ticketholder will tell you that a .500 record from the records at any point in the season is a lot better than their record for the last several seasons.


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