Circuit Court Judge’s Election to be Contested

For the first time in several years, there will be a contested election in Montgomery County for four Judges on the Circuit Court Bench.  All recently appointed Judges must appear on the next ballot, as well as any Judge who wishes to renew his or her position as a Circuit Court Judge after being on the Bench for 15 years.

While it has been rare in Montgomery County to have a contested election for the Circuit Court, these elections point out the problems with requiring that newly appointed Judges have to run after being appointed and as well as those Judges who must run for re-election after 15 years.

The screening process that the Governor goes through before appointing any Judge is intense, thorough, and necessary.  Applicants for these positions are thoroughly screened by the local Bar Association, Specialty Bar Associations such as the Women’s Bar Association, and minority Bar Associations, as well as being screened at the State level.  Candidates who make it through this process are then interviewed directly by the Governor who wants to make sure that the candidates are fully qualified in terms of temperament and knowledge to sit on the Bench.

Candidates who appear on the ballot simply because they have obtained sufficient signatures go through no screening process, and have not demonstrated their competency and capacity for this position.

Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek, Blomberg & Lewis certainly supports the sitting Judges and encourages you to vote for the Honorable Gary Bair, the Honorable Audrey Creighton, the Honorable Nelson Rupp, and the Honorable Joan E. Ryon when they appear on the ballot in June of this year.  These candidates have demonstrated that they be should sitting on the Montgomery County Circuit Court Bench, and, when you go to the ballots, you should carefully consider what candidates you want to be serving your community.

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