Jake’s Law- The Jury is Still Out as to Whether it Will be A Deterrent.

Jake’s Law, which substantially increases the penalty for serious auto accidents caused by a driver’s distracted driving due to texting, is now on the books.  However, there is a very real question as to whether it will serve its avowed purpose i.e.  detering drivers from paying attention to their Smart Phones instead of traffic conditions.

Everyone knows that drunk driving is a crime. Everyone knows that drunk driving can result in a loss of one’s right to drive, or incarceration. Everyone knows that drunk driving causes accidents.

Despite this widespread knowledge dozens of people are arrested weekly for DWI.

Without public education as to dangers of DWT  Driving While Texting) and, perhaps more importantly, without substantial publicity accompanying the first people charged under this law, the deterrent effect of the statute may be a long time in coming.

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