Remember the Replacement Referees?

The first thing a client sees when he or she walks into our office these days is a small sign encouraging them to vote for the Sitting Judges in the Primary on June 24, 2014. As noted in a previous article, each of these four present members of the Montgomery County Circuit Court Bench went through an extensive screening process and had to demonstrate, among other things, judicial temperament, legal knowledge, patience, and other attributes that a citizen of Montgomery County would want in a Judge before whom he or she had to appear.

For the first time in many elections, someone who has not gone through this screening selection, and has not been selected by the Governor, is on the ballot to become a Judge of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. Without knowing this candidate, and having the candidate go through the screening process, the first time we would learn about the qualifications for this candidate to be a Judge would be when he is making rulings in cases affecting you, your neighbors and your community.

Not too many football fans were crazy about the “replacement referees” two seasons ago because the officials that were put on the field by the NFL had not gone through the detailed training, nor received the approval, having completed such training, necessary to become a full time NFL Referee. And one must remember that no matter how successful the NFL is, and how many people “live and die” with their team’s ups and downs, Judges make real life decisions that often literally deal with life and death. Our Firm does not support the idea of having a “Replacement Judge” making these types of decisions. Therefore, we strongly urge Montgomery County residents, when they go to the polls on June 24, 2014, to vote for the Honorable Gary Bair, the Honorable Audrey Creighton, the Honorable Nelson Rupp, and the Honorable Joan Ryon.

Steven T. Blomberg

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