Vote to Retain the Sitting Judges in Montgomery County

Whether you exercise your right to participate in early voting, or go to the polls on June 24, 2014, the Law Firm urges you to vote to retain the Sitting Judges for the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland.  As noted in previous articles, these Judges have gone through an extensive and intensive screening process at the County level, State level and through personal interviews with the Governor.

Judges Bair, Creighton, Rupp and Ryon had each been determined to possess the judicial temperament, legal knowledge, and legal abilities to qualify to make decisions about whether a person should be put in jail or not, whether a mother or father should get custody of the couple’s minor children, to evaluate whether prison or rehab is the appropriate result for drug users who commit criminal acts, and the like.

 Literally, Judges have the lives of citizens in their hands, and must make often difficult and controversial decisions based on facts, law and their experience.

I doubt any citizen in Montgomery County would want to go in front of a Judge with no judicial experience, and who has not been screened and qualified for the position to have that Judge rule on liberty, financial and other issues which will certainly be viewed by the citizen appearing before the Judge as life and death.

One of the concerns that this Law Firm has is that when voters go to the polls, they often are doing so only concentrating on the “top of the ticket” including, in this election, the selection of candidates for Governor, Attorney General, Congress and State and County Government offices.  It is expected that very few voters will have done research on all of the candidates for the bench in Montgomery County, Maryland, and may possibly simply check the first 4 boxes on the ballot.  Because names are listed alphabetically, if one simply checks the first 4 names, they will not be voting to retain the highly-qualified Judges presenting sitting on the Circuit Court Bench.

Please take the time to ensure that you are voting for highly-qualified, intelligent and legally-trained candidates, and not simply by the alphabetical order of their last name.  We, again, encourage all voters to check the boxes for the Honorable Gary E. Bair, the Honorable Joan E. Ryon, the Honorable Audrey A. Creighton, and the Honorable Nelson W. Rupp, Jr.  If at some point in the future you end up before a Judge of the Circuit Court, just imagine the qualifications you want that Judge to have, and you will surely realize that voting to retain the Sitting Judges is the only right decision.


Steven T. Blomberg

Image credit: Greg Westfall


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