Maryland Traffic Court: Going to Court Could Save You A Lot of Money

I’m often called by clients who wonder if it’s worth the effort to fight a traffic ticket. They often ask if they should retain my services. These inquiries usually result in a discussion about the potential points that might be assessed and how an admission of guilt will affect their driving record.

I recently ran across a web site that provides valuable information that will help such a decision, by providing a guide as to the affect of a conviction for various traffic offenses on their insurance rates. has created what they call their “Uh Oh Calculator.” For example, you learn that a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, which in Maryland will result in a point being tacked on to your record, which could cause your insurance rates to increase by 3%. A reckless driving conviction, besides a 5 point assessment, might cause your rates to spike by as much as 19%

Thus, taking a day off work and hiring a lawyer, might be the smart way to go, for a variety of reasons. Don’t hesitate to call our firm should you be faced with such a problem.

Image credit: Indiana Stan

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