Trial of a Peace Order- What You Definitely Should Do

While waiting my turn in the District Court for Montgomery County last week I listened to the testimony of a woman who had filed a Peace Order against her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. Her testimony was not going too well for her, as the sitting Judge, properly, kept her on track by preventing her from testifying about events, while interesting, did not pertain to the case at hand.

At one point, the Judge interrupted the Petitioner to ask if she could step back for a moment while he placed a Consent Order in a different matter on the record. The Petitioner thought for moment and said:

“OK but since we’re stopping can I go to another Judge.”

The Judge, to his credit, laughed but told her that they were stuck with each other.

She lost.

Post Script- I saw her the next day filing an appeal.

Practice Pointer- don’t ask for a new Judge in the middle of a trial. It won’t work.

~Paul Lewis

Image credit: Clyde Robinson

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