GWEBLAW has Nattitude!

The Washington Nationals have played an exciting summer of baseball but never more exciting than during their recent home stand which began on August 15, 2014. Most teams do not have 5 walk-off wins in a month, and some don’t even have that many during an entire season. Yet, the Nationals have been able to win 5 such games on a single home stand, winning walk-off games in a variety of ways, including a walk-off double, a walk-off home run, and a walk-off error by the opposing team.

The Nationals seem to be set for post-season play for the first time since their heart-breaking loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in the Divisional Series in 2012. With a pitching staff solidified by off-season pick-up Doug Fister, and the elevation in his pitching game by Tanner Roark, the Nationals certainly have enough starting pitching to make a deep post-season run.

While the team awaits the return of Ryan Zimmerman, it still has a very deep lineup that will present a challenge to any team that plays in the post-season.

The Law Firm has gotten its Nattitude on and is looking forward to a fun October, and hopes for a better result than 2012.

~  Steven T. Blomberg

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