Probate Lesson Number 2: Why You Don’t Need to Keep 2009 Target Receipts

Keep your Paperwork Organized:  It may not seem important, but time and time again we see grieving families, just at a time when it is most difficult to get through regular day-to-day tasks, have to go through piles of disorganized paperwork and documents in order to find out the nature of the assets for the person who has passed away.  There have been many times when an overwhelmed family has dropped off multiple boxes of papers in our office so that our team of paralegals, sometimes with the supervision of our attorneys, can go through the boxes to make sure that nothing is missed.

We try our best to keep costs down when assisting with a probate estate, but try to imagine a team of paralegals having to take the time to sort through five year-old L.L. Bean catalogs and Target receipts just to make sure that we aren’t missing something that will need to be dealt with.  The shampoo that you bought at Target has been used up years ago.  For that and other obvious reasons, you aren’t going to be returning it. Throw the receipts out. Weed through everything now and then.

Don’t get us wrong, we really are happy to do this because our job is to help the family through this process.  But the truth of the matter is that it would be much better if the money being spent to weed through everything went to your family instead.  There have also been times when we have closed an estate and months or years later an asset pops up that no one knew about.  It is so helpful to your loved ones to do your best to keep things organized.

Please contact our office to get a complimentary “All About Me” document where you can list what you have and where everything is located.  Your family will thank you!

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