Montgomery County Circuit Court Construction

Recently, the Montgomery County Circuit Court finally completed, and opened, what is now known as the South Tower, and was previously known as the Annex at the Circuit Court building located in Rockville, Maryland. The addition of ten courtrooms and additional Master’s hearing rooms will allow the Circuit Court to handle the massive amount of litigation, both criminal and civil, that it deals with on an annual basis. Hopefully, the number of continuances that are needed because of the unavailability of a Judge or Master to hear a case will slow to a trickle, allowing litigants and their attorneys to be more efficient in processing cases.

This is in addition to the District Court building located diagonally across from the Circuit Court in Rockville which also increased, greatly, the number of courtrooms available to move cases along.

In the last five years, the Montgomery County court system has greatly improved its facilities, allowing the court to better serve the public, the attorneys who practice in these courthouses, and the Judges who work hard every day to move cases along and bring justice to the community.

We congratulate Judge John Debelius III and his staff on their excellent oversight of the construction of the South Tower of the Circuit Court, and we believe that the tax dollars spent on the building of these additional facilities for both the District and Circuit Courts will be seen as money well spent by the community.

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