What Are The Five Most Important Things I Can Do If I Am Involved In An Automobile Accident?

  1. Use your cellphone camera to take pictures of everything and anything including the license plate of the other driver; the damage to both cars; pictures of the scene; and photographs of any skid marks or other indications as to how the accident occurred.
  2. Get the names and contact information of any witness that might be present.
  3. Write down anything that the other driver says to you in the way of an admission. For example, he/she might say “I am sorry but I was blinded by the sunlight”.
  4. Be sure that you obtain the other driver’s insurance information and driver’s license number.
  5. Call the police. Be prepared to wait until they arrive, even if the other driver leaves the scene.

An attorney will help you understand the claims process but your lawyer will be better able to assist you if he/she has the benefitof everything that I have suggested above.

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