The best way to avoid the ugly divorce and a possible disastrous outcome is to share in the decision-making process through mediation. Montgomery County enjoys the services of a large number of family law specialists who are capable of conducting mediation or who can represent a parent in such a proceeding.

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process in which the mediator helps you and your spouse identify all the issues that need to be covered in a Separation Agreement, including such matters as the cost to live apart, alimony, child support and custody.

Your attorney should demonstrate to you how the Maryland Child Support Guidelines apply to your situation, help you identify all of your marital and non-marital assets, determine their value and help you to divide them fairly. More importantly, your attorney will help craft a plan for future parenting decisions.

Divorce mediation can eliminate the painful “win-lose” atmosphere that is part of an adversarial divorce lawsuit. The process is a mutual search for a reasonable resolution.

Divorce mediation can be conducted by a mediator with only you and your spouse present, or may be conducted with each of you having an attorney to assist with the process. The mediator can prepare an Agreement for the couple to review each with their own counsel, before it is signed. If for any reason no agreement is reached, you reserve you right to proceed to court.

Once a mediated agreement is achieved then you can move forward to a Mutual Consent Divorce or some other No Fault action. The divorce will never be “pretty” but much of the ugliness can be avoided.

In fact, our clients agree that mediation is the best way to deal with such difficult times.