GWEBLAW: Offering Mediation in Maryland

     Our attorneys offer the combined legal experience of more than 70 years.  Our team has collectively handled such diverse practice areas as: Family Law, Business/Commercial Disputes, Personal Injury, Probate and Real Estate which has provided the necessary background to assist clients who find themselves embroiled in such matters. 

Paul Lewis: New Mediator in Maryland

GWEB partner Paul Lewis has now been certified to mediate cases in Maryland.  After a 42-year career that involved his representing many clients in dozens of such matters, he has now switched “sides of the table”.  In the coming weeks he will offer his though and insights on alternative dispute resolution (A.D.R.)

Investigating Your Landlord Before You Lease

Recently, a District of Columbia landlord was ordered to pay the families of two (2) tenants who died in an [...]

Don’t Be Like Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died recently. Although she had an estimated net worth of $80 Million and a [...]

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The Estate Tax Laws Keep Changing

In October 2017, the IRS announced (Revenue Procedure 2017-58) that the exemption from federal estate taxes would increase to $5.6 [...]

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